How To Choose The Right Brand Name

Whether you are a startup or a business that already has a strong market presence and considering rebranding you need to get a brand name that invokes different thought and a feeling of uniqueness in your audience. If possible, engage the audience and ask them what they think. After all, you are asking them to part with their money.
Recently a new connection started the conversation stating – ‘I love the Waking Giants name, I totally get it and what you believe’. This is the kind of dialogue you should be trying to create in the mind of your customer - a brand name that gives a sense of what you do mixed with results to aspire to.
As a brand example, “Waking Giants” helps business owners grow their business - this is reflected in their brand name.
“Waking” conveys visions of waking from slumber, starting to move.
“Giants” - conveys aspirations of potential.
The brand name is also broad. Growth can happen in many ways. Waking Giants hasn’t pigeon-holed itself into offering a single method or tactic (like a company that had “SEO” in its brand name for example - this limits the offering in the prospect's mind).

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