Best Way To Gain Weight Fast And Build Muscle

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Trying to gain weight as a skinny guy can be quite frustrating if it is not handled the right way. It is important that you start with the basics which is brushing up on the basic principles behind weight management. There are two factors that are crucial in this regard. First one is your calorie intake, which refers to the number of calories ion the food and drinks that you take all the time. Second is calorie expenditure which is the number of calories that your burn through various physical activities. If you exert more calories on a daily basis than the calories you consume, this is known as a calorie deficit and you end up losing weight. When it comes to weight gain, you need to create an imbalance between the two elements discussed above. You will only be able to gain weight – whether that is in muscle mass or fat mass – when your daily caloric intake surpasses the number of calories you exert through physical activity. This is generally referred to as a caloric surplus – you get more calories than you burn. For you to see noticeable weight gain, the calories that you take in must be more than the calories that you burn on a daily basis.

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