Arming Modes of the Best Home Security Systems

Best Home Security Systems -
OFF – Even when the system is turned off, with most of the top alarm companies, many of the alerts are still active. Top home security systems will still alert you if a door or window is opened. In addition, life and environmental safety systems (i.e. water or low temperature) are still active. Consequently, with the best Diy Alarm companies, as well as the top professionally installed alarm systems, if a fire breaks out or there are excessive carbon monoxide emissions present, the system will still alert the central monitoring station.

Stay– You can arm just the perimeter protection at the doors and windows by arming any of the best home alarm systems in the “stay” mode. This lets you move about the house freely and still have a certain level of protection.

Away– The away mode will activate interior motion detectors as well as the doors and windows…on any of the wireless best home alarm systems .

Instant – You can eliminate the entry delay on virtually all of the best home alarm systems by arming it in instant mode.

Duress – You can set up a special duress code that will notify the alarm companies’ monitoring center that there is a potential hostage situation. If someone were to physically force you to disarm the system, this special code will trigger immediate emergency response.

Panic– Top home security systems also feature panc buttons on their keypads or control panels. This sens a signal that there is an occupied panic situation. The best alarm companies with monitoring will have special protocols in place in which police, fire or medical authorities are immediately notified. This will ensure the fastest reponse time in an emergency.

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