How does the NESTA personal training certification compare to others in the fitness industry?

Best personal trainers certification options -
I’ve you’ve seriously considered becoming a certified personal trainer—either for a career change, as a side gig, for personal development, or (for the sadists out there) the opportunity to inflict pain on others—welcome to the alphabet soup of the fitness industry. So, let's keep it simple. You want an affordable, recognized, accredited, accepted and step-by-step training program and certification course. NESTA gives it all to you. Some organizations offer a personal trainer certification and that’s it. While there is nothing wrong with that, most organizations require that you be recertified every couple of years. If you choose an organization with one or a handful of course, then you will ultimately have to switch to another organization to fulfill your long term needs. There are also many different ways to grow as a trainer. Choosing from a diverse set of courses can help you grow and develop your skills and education as well as make it easier to do business with only one organization that will meet all of your needs. NESTA gives you a complete business and career success system for FREE. And, they have 30 certifications to build your resume.

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