Designing Your Alert 360 Security System

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Perimeter Protection –A good home protection system starts by installing contacts on the doors and sensors on vulnerable windows. You also want to make sure to place yard signs, window stickers and outdoor Alert 360 security cameras in highly visible locations . This will help to deter potential thieves and make them think twice about trying to break into your house.

Interior Protection – An alarm system installed by Central Security Group should also include a second line of defense. This will allow you to catch a prowler if they gain entry through an unprotected door or window. Motion sensors should be installed in high traffic areas and/or areas with high value items.

Asset Protection- Many alarm systems also let you set up specific sensors as “non-reporting”. These sensors will not set off the siren or send a signal to the monitoring center. However, they will notify you discreetly through your Alert 360 App on your smartphone. Gun cabinets, medicine or liquor cabinets and office doors might be a place to configure non-reporting sensors.

Environmental Protection – Your Central Security Group Alarm System can also monitor a variety of environmental hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding or freezing. There are specific Alert 360 alarm sensors for each of these functions.

Home Automation- Central Security Group dealers can install equipment which will help you to manage almost any home automation function. The Alert 360 system can control lighting, cameras, heat and air conditioning, doors and garage door openers right from your smartphone through the Alert 360 App.

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