Anal Sex Lube | Personal Waterbased Lubricant | Best Lube for Anal Sex

Anal sex is supposed to be painless and pleasurable. To fully enjoy anal pleasure, always ensure to use a lubricant that is condom safe and can let you last without worrying about any pain and not keeping you from stopping your backdoor play.  The thick gel practically clings to your fingers, your favorite dildo or your lover’s cock and stays wet and slick for far longer than your average sex lube. With this gel, you’ll never have to reapply sex lube in the heat of the moment to avoid chafing or friction. If you happen to spill a little during foreplay, you can clean it easily with a wet cloth, and it won’t leave a tell-tale stain behind! The lube is also unscented so it won’t distract you from the heat of the moment. The AdamMale Condom Compatible Lube comes in a 16-ounce bottle with spill-proof pump dispenser.  use coupon code GAYFRAT to enjoy AS MUCH AS 50% discount plus FREE discreet shipping if you spend over $20! 

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